Curry Paneer

Curry Paneer – Cooked In Ginger Spiced Tomato Curry

Curry with spicy paneer is made with whole spices and tomatoes with ground ginger and fennel. The tomatoes give the recipe a nice rich flavor and due to fennel, the aroma of the recipe is too good to resist. Hope you like this recipe as you did like my previous recipe Mushroom Spinach Kofta.  Ingredients For the Curry:- 400 Grams …

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Coconut Soy Paneer Fritters

Coconut Soy Paneer Fritters With Tomato Chutney

Fritter made with tofu and paneer with coconut milk powder coated with tempura batter and breadcrumbs. Deeply fried coconut soy, paneer fritters are served with curd rice and tomato chutney.  Hope you like this one as you did like my previous recipe Spicy Gram Flour Dumplings. Ingredients For The Fritters:- Two Cups – Fresh Tofu(grated) Four Tablespoons – Paneer(grated) Three …

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layered rice

Layered Rice

Layered rice is layered with spinach puree and tomato paneer layering along with boiled rice and fried potatoes make this recipe full of nutritionals and health. As this recipe uses vegetables like spinach and tomatoes. Hope you like this layered rice recipe as you did like my previous recipe Sprouts Usal. Ingredients:- Two – Potatoes Oil For Deep Frying Two …

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brocolli fritters

Broccoli Fritters | Keto Broccoli Fritters | How to Make Broccoli Fritters

Broccoli Fritters or Keto Broccoli Fritters are rich in protein snacks breakfast simply dipping in the cornflour paste and breadcrumbs, and deep fried till golden brown and crispy. Ingredients for Broccoli Fritters Ten Florets – Broccoli One Tablespoon – Butter One – Bay Leaf Half Tablespoon – Plain Flour 150 Millilitre – Milk One Fourth Cup – Potato(boiled & mashed) …

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Butter Paneer Biryani

Butter Paneer Biryani – Biryani For Lacto Vegetarians

Butter Paneer Biryani is a delicious variety of biryani cooked with aromatic spices along with Basmati rice. Butter make this biryani better and paneer gives the recipe a complete lacto vegetarian touch. Ingredients:- One and a Half Cup – Basmati rice(aged) Two Big – Onion(sliced) One Tablespoon – Oil A salt according to taste MARINATION INGREDIENTS Two Tablespoons – Ghee(Clarified …

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