spice in yogurt

Vegetable Raita Recipe | How To Make Vegetable Raita | Veg Raita

Vegetable Raita Recipe is made with yogurt, finely chopped veggies and some roasted spices. Vegetable Raita is served as side dish in Indian meals. You can use it as side dish with any rice recipes. It is best and quick recipe, if you have yogurt, and want to eat with taste of something salty and spicy. Vegetable raita is basically

spinach pancake

Spinach Pancakes – Morning Breakfast With Nutritious Spinach

Vegan Spinach pancake totally healthy breakfast full of nutritious ingredients. A good way to add vegetables to your meal. Hope you like this recipe as you did like my previous recipe Seven Grain Bread Ingredients:- 100 Grams – Whole Wheat Flour One – Egg One – Yolk 150 ML – Yoghurt(Whipped) 100ML – Milk Three Tablespoons – Water One Tablespoon