Cauliflower Quinoa Biryani – Delicious Vegan Biryani

Ingredients For Cauliflower Quinoa Biryani:-


  • One Cup – Quinoa(dry)
  • One – Green And Black Cardamom
  • Two – Cloves
  • One Inch – Cinnamon Stick
  • One – Bay Leaf
  • One And One-Third  Cups – Water
  • Two-Third Teaspoons – Salt


  • Two Teaspoons – Oil
  • Three-Fourth – Red Onion(finely sliced)
  • One – Green Chili(chopped)
  • Half Teaspoon – Cumin Seeds
  • One – Green Cardamom
  • 250 Grams – Tofu
  • Two – Cloves
  • One Inch – Cinnamon Stick
  • One Bay Leaf
  • Half Teaspoon – Biryani Masala
  • One-Fourth Teaspoon – Turmeric Powder
  • Half Teaspoon – Red Chili Powder
  • Half  Medium Sized – Cauliflower(chopped into small florets)
  • Thee-Fourth Teaspoon – Salt
  • Three-Fourth Cup – Cashew Cream + One Teaspoon Coconut Milk
  • One-Third Cup – Frozen Peas
  • Three Tablespoons – Raw Cashews
  • One Tablespoon – Raisins
  • One Tablespoon – Dried Cranberries


  • Half Cup – Coriander Leaves And Mint Leaves(chopped)
  • Saffron Milk(soak few saffron strands into three tablespoons warm coconut milk)



  1. In a deep heavy bottomed pan, add a half teaspoon of oil.
  2. Wash the quinoa thoroughly, drain and add to the pan. Add the spices except salt. Roast quinoa and spices for two to three minutes on medium heat.
  3. Add salt and water. Mix, cover and cook. Once the water comes to rolling boil, reduce heat to low and cook for ten minutes.
  4. After ten minutes switch off the heat and let quinoa sit for another few minutes. Open, fluff with the help of a fork and keep ready.
  5. Taste and adjust salt.


  1. In a deep large pan, add oil and heat on medium. Add the onions, garlic, ginger, chilli, and cook until onions are mostly brown.
  2. Remove two tablespoons of the onion mixture to use later. Now add all the spices and mix for a minute.
  3. Time to add cauliflower, peas, tofu, and salt. Mix, cover and cook for five minutes.
  4. Now add the cashew cream and coconut milk. Mix and cook for six to seven minutes at low-medium heat or until cauliflower is tender-crisp. Add half of the nuts, raisins, dried fruits. Mix and keep ready.
  5. Add water or coconut milk to thinner or more gravy. Mix and use to layer.


  1. Remove half of the cauliflower gravy from the pan and in the same pan layer with half of the cooked quinoa rice. Drizzle half of the saffron milk on top of the quinoa rice. Top with coriander and mint leaves.
  2. Layer the rest of the cauliflower gravy like the method we did before.
  3. Cover and place the pan on indirect heat and cook on low heat for twenty minutes.
  4. Let sit the biryani for another fifteen minutes.
  5. Serve cauliflower quinoa biryani with non-dairy yoghurt raita.


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