Chickpeas With Mango Curry – Creamy Mangoey Curry

This chickpeas and mango curry is easy to make with tangy creamy cuisine with chickpeas and mango and with some spices which make the recipe delightful and sweet.


  • Three-Fourth Heaped Cup – Red Onion(chopped)
  • One And A Half Cups – Chickpeas(cooked and drained)
  • One Inch Knob – Ginger
  • Three Cloves – Garlic
  • Three Tablespoons – Water
  • One Teaspoon – Cooking Oil
  • One-Fourth Teaspoon – Cumin Seeds
  • One Bay Leaf
  • Three – Cloves
  • One-Fourth Teaspoon – Cinnamon(grounded)
  • Half Teaspoon – Hot Spice Powder
  • One-Fourth Teaspoon – Cayenne
  • One And One-Fourth Cups – Coconut milk
  • Three-Fourth Cup – Mango Puree
  • Salt As required
  • One Teaspoon – Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Coriander Leaves For Garnish


  1. In a blender, combine the onion, ginger, and garlic and blend into a smooth puree with two tablespoons of water. If needed add some more water. Keep aside.
  2. Heat the oil in a large pan over medium heat. When the oil becomes hot, add the cumin seeds and cook for one minute or until the seeds change colour.
  3. Add bay leaf, and cloves and cook until the bay leaf changes colour.
  4. Add the pureed onion and cook until the onion mixture is dry and does not smell raw. Stir occasionally to avoid sticking for eight to ten minutes.
  5. Now add cinnamon, hot spice powder, and cayenne and mix well. Add the coconut milk, mango puree, salt and mix well. You can also add some diced mango.
  6. Mix, and cover to cook until the sauce comes to boil for five minutes. Add chickpeas and mix in.
  7. Reduce the heat to low medium and cook uncovered until the sauce thickens and desired consistency is achieved for about ten to fifteen minutes.
  8. Taste and adjust the salt and tang. Add apple cider vinegar for tang and half teaspoon sugar for sweetness if the mango is not sweet enough. Add a dash of black pepper.
  9. Remove the bay leaf and discard. If you can find the whole cloves discard them.
  10. Garnish them with fresh coriander leaves and a dash of hot spice powder and cayenne.
  11. Serve hot over rice with or with any flatbread.


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