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Cinnamon spice

Cinnamon spice – Health Benefits | Nutrition facts

Cinnamon spice is one of the oldest spices to exist dating back to 2800 B.C rooting from our very own Sri Lanka. It is often regarded as one of the most versatile spices to cook with. Whether you are cooking something sweet like a cinnabon or some delicious biryani, Just the right amount of cinnamon can be a treat to your taste buds. Taste aside, cinnamon comes with a sweet earthy smell. Perhaps something like christmas!
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Calories: 7kcal
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  • Cinnamon spice


  • There are two types of cinnamon found, one being Cassia, our regular cinnamon spice found in every Indian household and Cylon, a not so common type of cinnamon with a less bitter taste and an overwhelming aroma.
  • Possessing such lush qualities, Cinnamon spice not all that easily available for everyone during the middle ages. Arab exporters brought Cinnamon spiceto Europe from Sri Lanka which made it a grand spice only available for the rich and elite. Now let us talk about what health benefits this remarkable spice has.

Health Benefits of Cinnamon spice

  • This amazing spice packed with flavour comes with a full set of health benefits.
  • According to BBC, one teaspoon (3g) of cinnamon (ground) provides:
  • 7Kcal of energy
    0.1g Protein
    0.9g Carbohydrate
    1.6 Fibre

Cinnamon spice improves your intestinal health and is a friend for your gut :

  • Spices like cinnamon have probiotic properties that help maintain food bacteria in your stomach and help with your intestinal problems. So the next time you are suffering with intestinal problems grab some hot cinnamon tea to calm it down.

Cinnamon spice can help you with PCOS :

  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome has become a rising problem among women around the globe. PCOS can cause weight gain due to insulin resistance. Recent studies found that cinnamon can help counteract the insulin resistance and help control weight. Cinnamon also helps women control excessive bleeding during menstruation.

Cinnamon as an Antioxidant :

  • According to studies, Cinnamon has various antioxidant properties that can help obese individuals by counteracting insulin, regulating inflammation and counteracting carcinogenic elements in your body.

May help lower the risk of cancer :

  • Cinnamon spice has an enzyme called cinnamaldehyde, which can inhibit tumour growth and protect DNA against damage while also killing off cancer cells. The antioxidant properties of cinnamon help prevent the damage of cells and slows down them from various carcinogenic factors and mutations.

Cinnamon spice helps with skin care :

  • Cinnamon has various antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that help retain the natural glow of the skin while reducing the causes of acne and sores. Cinnamon can also be used to counteract allergic reactions, inflammation, rashes and sores. Applying cinnamon extract directly onto the rash or allergy can provide relief and reduce redness and soreness.

Keeps your brain young :

  • The antioxidant properties of cinnamon help boost brain function and help retain memory. Individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s increase their neurological function thus helping with their condition by retaining memory. Since it has anti-inflammatory properties, it helps reduce stress and help calm down. People suffering from anxiety can use cinnamon to calm their nerves.

Keep HIV at Bay :

  • Cinnamon has been found to reduce HIV activity in individuals. Studies show that cinnamon has some anti-HIV properties that do not directly correlate to curing or preventing HIV perse, But it has the potential of someday being included in HIV therapy.

Cinnamon is a friend for your heart :

  • Cinnamon is known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and build heart health. A study shows that anaerobic activity with cinnamon in your diet can lead to lower blood pressure and can help keep your heart happy.
  • Now that we know how including our favourite spice can help with our heart health, let us discover what side effects this spice can have on our health if ingested in high amounts.

Side Effects of Ingesting Excessive Amounts of Cinnamon Spice :

    It can cause liver damage :

    • Cinnamon, especially the common household cinnamon, Cassia, has high amounts of Coumarin and several studies have proved that ingesting too much of Coumarin can cause liver damage and eventually lead to liver failure.

    Now, how much cinnamon spice is considered excessive?

    • Studies found that the appropriate amount of ingesting cinnamon for a 59 kilograms individual is 0.5 grams of cinnamon everyday. Taking any more than that can prove to be fatal to your liver.

    Can be responsible for lower blood sugar :

    • Taking above normal amounts of cinnamon spice in your diet can cause the blood sugar levels to drop. Cinnamon might help with patients suffering from high blood pressure, but it is not advised to take cinnamon on a regular basis as a low blood pressure patient as it might lead to hyperglycemia inturn resulting in fainting.

    May cause breathing problems :

    • Inhaling too much Cinnamon can cause breathing problems which might lead to nausea, coughing and wheezing.

    Counteracting with medication :

    • If you are using medication for heart disease or liver disease, ingesting too much cinnamon can interfere with your medications.
    • Can dogs have Cinnamon?
    • Cinnamon spice is not toxic as per AKC. But consumption in large amount could have adverse effect on dogs.


    Though this amazing cinnamon spice comes with a nice kick to the taste buds, and an enticing aroma, it is packed with health benefits and when taken in the right amounts can be an asset to your lifestyle. It is important to be mindful about the ingredients in your recipes and understand their benefits and side effects before including it fully in your diet. Hope this article helps you discover what cinnamon is all about!
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